Woodman Inn, Huddersfield Wedding – Katy and Jamie

Woodman Inn, Huddersfield wedding

A couple of months ago, I had the pleasure of photographing Katie and Jamie’s wedding at The Woodman Inn, Huddersfield, West Yorkshire, and it was a brilliant day.

Bridal prep

I headed to Katy’s family home in Lower Cumberworth, Huddersfield, to capture the morning preparation. I never know what it’s going to be like when I arrive, sometimes it’s manic, and sometimes it’s chilled, and this morning was very relaxed. It was just Katy, her maid of honour, Lydia and Katy’s parents. I went in and just captured the story of what was happening. There was a fab moment when Katy told me about her toilet strategy, which involved an Ikea bag with a hole. I’ve done this for quite some time, and that one is a new one to me. The rest of the morning was lovely. I also learned that when you have your picture taken, you have to turn your foot and knee in; this was advice from Katy’s dad, I’m still not convinced, but it made a good talking point.

The morning went without a hitch (apart from me upsetting the neighbours by parking my car), and I knew it would be a fabulous day.

Church time

I walked the short two minutes journey to the church where I met Jamie. He was happy and much taller than I imagined (Zoom meetings don’t show everything). The weather was sunny, and everyone was happy, just like a wedding should be. 

Churches can be interesting from a photography point of view, and I never know what rules the vicars will insist on, but after a chat with him, I knew we would be okay.

Arrival of the bride

Everyone headed inside, and there was a fabulous quartet playing. If I remember correctly, one of them was Katy’s violin teacher. I waited outside for the bride’s arrival. The wedding car was an Austin Mayfair, so I knew it would be great to capture it, bringing the bride and her dad. 


Jamie was pretty relaxed, and the church had a lovely atmosphere, mainly from the fabulous music. It was now time for the bride to walk in. Katy looked amazing walking down the aisle, and Jamie was a little lost for words. The ceremony was good and short, as sometimes vicars can take over a bit, but this chap was splendid.

After signing the register, I knew I had to wait for the song “Stand by Me” as I had been warned that some guests would sing in a bit of a surprise flash mob. I watched and waited for the reactions from the bride and groom as their parents stood up and sang. It was hilarious; they didn’t expect a thing. It was excellent and well done for everyone who got involved.

After this, the couple exited the church and got attacked by some confetti before heading to their final destination.


The couple arrived at The Woodman Inn, Huddersfield, where the rest of the day would commence. I arrived early and took some quick pictures of the bride and groom in the car before so they could get on with the rest of their day. I have been to The Woodman Inn a few times, but I was excited because this was the first time I would photograph a wedding in the Garden Room. 

The weather was great; everyone was happy, smiling, there was music playing, and everyone was having a fabulous time. I did the usual documentary wedding photography, capturing smiles, laughter, and everything else. Everyone drank and ate canapes and generally had a fab time. I got the group formals out of the way, photographed the room and details and then it was time for the wedding breakfast.

Wedding breakfast and speeches

Everyone headed in for their dinner, but first, it was time for the speeches. I know traditionally, the speeches are supposed to be after the wedding breakfast, but before works better. It means that the speakers can enjoy their meal without worrying. 

The speeches were great, heartfelt and funny, which is always the best way. There were even some tears which always made the pictures interesting. The rest of the time, people ate, drank and enjoyed their time.


After the meal, I took the bride and groom about five metres away and captured some quick portraits. Wedding portraits can take less than hours, and most of my couples don’t like having their pictures taken. It usually takes me about five or ten minutes, but they are important.

First Dance

I have photographed so many weddings, and now I expect the first dance to be between ten seconds to one minute of the bride and groom standing, holding each other, rocking. Occasionally they might mix things up with a twist and an Oooo from the crowd. To my surprise, Jamie and Katy had a routine they had worked on (in their kitchen); photographing something a little different was brilliant and lovely.


I have mentioned before, but I love a ceilidh. They are absolute carnage, impossible to photograph, I usually get kicked or knocked over, but I love them. The evening was spent in sets, dosey doeing and stripping the willow. It was chaotic but brilliant. When photographing Ceilidh, I always look for the person who looks completely lost with a blank expression on their face. I think Sam (Jamie’s brother was this person).

In between the ceilidh the DJ came on and did the usual games, sometimes this can appear cheesy, but this wedding embraced it, and before I knew it, we were engaged in a dance-off and congaing outside the venue. 

Then it was back for more ceilidh, which didn’t disappoint.

The wedding was fabulous, and full of lovely people.

Thank you to Katy and Jamie for hiring me to be your photographer; I loved every second of your wedding.

If you want me to photograph your wedding, please get in touch with me.

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