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Award winning wedding photograph a bride falls backwards off a spacehopper by John Steel Photography
Nothing posed! I just capture the fun at a wedding

Lovely to meet and chat to you at a recent wedding fayre in Yorkshire

At wedding fayres I spend a lot of time, chatting, getting to know people and trying to understand if I’m the right photographer for them. I get asked lots of questions so I thought I would put this together for you.

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West Yorkshire, multi-award-winning photographer

Here’s a question for you. Have you ever met a none award-winning photographer? Neither have I. In fact, I used to hide my award-winning images but then I realised that it’s not about me. Awards give my couples confidence. Confidence that they have chosen a photographer that knows what he is doing, is always on the lookout for great moments to capture and will create amazing pictures for each and every couple. I do need to do a separate blog post about my multi-award-winning photographer status and when I do I will add the link.

A fearless award winning wedding photography image. Best man asleep on a chair whilst 2 dog pictures stare at him.
A Fearless Award is an equivalent to winning the Oscars for documentary wedding photographers

Types of wedding photography

There are lots of different types of wedding photography including documentary, classic/traditional, editorial, fine art, dark and moody and pretty much everything else. I pride myself on being a documentary wedding photographer.

U.K documentary wedding photographer

I am a documentary wedding photographer. This means that for the majority of the day I capture moments. In fact, I am often described as a guest with a camera. Everything has been planned in a meeting beforehand so I always know where to go and what is happening. I walk around, capturing all of the smiles and emotions and capturing your day.

I don’t like having my picture taken

Here’s a secret, neither do I! I actually can’t think of many things that fear me with more dread than having my picture taken, (maybe big hairy spiders). Because it’s something that I don’t like I emphasise and put myself in the bride and groom’s shoes, but by capturing the day it means that I photograph the natural reactions and not weird posed situations.

Group shots

I do get asked all of the time if I do group shots. The answer is YES! In fact, I encourage them. Weddings are the perfect time to capture these when all your friends are together so 100% yes do them. The secret to them is to plan them. Before any wedding, I ask for a list of the groups that people want to be photographed. Also, less is more. Realistically each picture can take about 3 minutes to complete (gathering guests and lining them up) so if you have 10 that’s half an hour of your wedding day gone, so think carefully about these. I also ask if there is a guest who knows everyone and is quite loud, (I use the word gobby but I’m behaving on this post).

Holly and Oli wedding, Bagden Hall wedding photography, photographer at Bagden Hall wedding, Denby Dale, West Yorkshire wedding photographer, Huddersfield documentary wedding photographer, award winning wedding photographer Huddersfield
Group shots don’t have to be boring (especially after a few drinks)

Couple shots and quiet time

We would like to have some pictures together but we don’t like our pictures being taken. Once again this is where my 15 years of experience of being a professional photographer comes in. Often, we just head off for 5 minutes, it’s a great time to have a bit of time together. I let you have a chat and I capture these pictures. Occasionally I will ask for slight adjustments to be made (usually I tell the groom to take their hand out of their pocket and have a cuddle but that’s about it). If I have 5 to 10 minutes I can capture some fabulous natural pictures.

West Yorkshire wedding photographer, South Yorkshire wedding photographer, Huddersfield wedding photography, John Steel wedding photography, DIY wedding, Emma and Josh's wedding, Marquee wedding photography, Meltham wedding photographer, fun wedding, fun
I suggested that Emma and Josh went somewhere to watch people. They took this to new heights.

Pricing and packages

We love the sound of all of this but how much and what do we get? Everything I do I try to make it as simple as possible, so click here for some information on prices and packages

Booking process

How do I book? Just send me an email to john@johnsteelphotography.com or fill out my booking form (here)and include your date and venue and I will get the ball rolling.

I would love some more information or to ask a few more questions

That’s perfectly understandable, choosing the right wedding photographer is a big decision. Let’s ZOOM. I am always happy to have a Zoom call and answer any of the questions that you may have. I have no secrets and I am more than happy to have a good natter.

Pushy sales techniques and upselling

Do you like being sold at and people upselling to you? Nope, neither do I, that’s why I don’t do it! I am never going to come on a Zoom call or meet in person and be pushing you to make a decision. All I can do is provide you with the answers and you can make your own decision.

Thank you

I hope this information has helped, feel free to ask any other questions and have a little peruse around my website (I am updating it all at the moment so please check back) It was lovely to meet you and I am looking forward to hearing about your wedding plans. Thank you John.

A rare picture of John Steel Photography
A rare picture of me :-)

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